FES is a market leader in the highly competitive Australian plate rolling industry.

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The fabrication industry continues to evolve with advancements in technology. Automation, robotics, and digital fabrication tools are increasingly integrated into the fabrication process, enhancing speed, accuracy, and overall productivity.

About Fabrication Equipment Supplies

FES also specialise in all types of machines offering options from economy models upwards but mainly focusing on quality and value. The company specializes in steel fabrication machinery .. everything from cutting, rolling, bending, punching and forming.

We Provide The Best Products For Our Customers

Plate Rolling | 3 Roll | MCO

Three roll hydraulic plate rolling machine with dual pre-bending, mod. Mco

Heavy Duty Structural Bandsaws

Heavy Duty Band Saws- all applications

DAVI MCB 4 Roll Heavy Duty Plate Rolls

Four roll hydraulic plate rolling machine with dual pre-bending

Semi Auto Bandsaws

Semi Auto Bandsaws both large and small with and without mitre cutting.