Flexibility is the main characteristic of the Plate Rolling | Hydraulic Machine | 3 Roll | MCO which responds to the needs of generic fabricators with limited volumes of plate rolling. The dual pre-bend Plate Rolling | Hydraulic Machine | 3 Roll | MCO unit is without doubt the most common on the market, well known by end users as a simple and most economical machine capable of satisfying many different bending requirements especially indicated when rolling is not the companies core business.

In the Plate Rolling | Hydraulic Machine | 3 Roll | MCO the pre-bending on the leading and trailing ends is performed without removing the plate from the machine but by simply transferring the same by rotating the rolls from one side to the other to make the pre-bending. One of the Plate Rolling | Hydraulic Machine | 3 Roll | MCO’s benefits is the possibility to curve symmetrical profiles in between the main side frame thanks to the free passage left between the rolls.

The movements of he machine are entirely hydraulic including the yoke opening and closing that is performed to evacuate the shell after it has been finished. In order to guarantee an excellent plate traction (independent from thickness and material) all three rolls are motorized.

The three hydraulic motors and three planetary gearboxes (one for each roll) are couplet directly on a grooved bar. This allows an economical and efficient mechanical power transmission to the rolls thus ensuring smooth and precise plate positioning.

All the MCB rolling machines are equipped with electronic rolls parallelism “Servo Tronic” that substitute completely the obsolete mechanical torsion bars used on old generation units. Automatic speed compensation to ensure correct rotational speed is controlled by the hydraulic system thus avoiding slippage on the rolls.

The Plate Rolling | Hydraulic Machine | 3 Roll | MCO model comes in a full range to handle from 10 to 250 mm plate thicknesses.

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