Automation for DAVI Intelligent Plant

“DAVI is the only manufacturer with an inside R&D, a team of experts, that engineer and realize the automation and the CNC that manage all its rolls.

DAVI R&D has developed a new engineering and manufacturing philosophy, removing completely all the previous several electrical connections starting from the electric cabinet and going though the entire machine.

“Now, all Davi roll have digital signals running into one sole wire (BUS) that exchange data among all the machine’s electric, electronic, mechanic and hydraulic components, ultra-fast, and supplies a first aid diagnosis on the correct functioning of each of the parts connected to.

This new concept is called “Roll by Wire” (Patented by DAVI).

Every DAVI customer can chose among different levels of automation.

DAVI CNCs are user-friendly and “self-programming” (the most important help to the operator, even without experience), available to any customer, according with its range of activity and application.

Since many years Davi is recognized to have the most advanced and performing CNC control in the Industry. The top of the line is the DAVI-iRoll© PLUS on iPad.

NASA awarded it with a “Certificate of Appreciation”, for having built the new Ares and Orion missiles and nacelle to replace the Space Shuttle.

DAVI-iRoll© PLUS on iPad is now available to any customer on any DAVI roll.

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